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Thermal Multi End Beam Splicer


The new Direct Thermal Beam Splicer precisely presents the multiple ends from the yarn beam into contact with the heating element through its gear driven design. The added benefit for your customer is fewer parts that wear and need replacing.


The LS-WS- GEAR- DD-5 is easily adjusted to suit a wide variety of yarn deniers of thermoplastic yarn. The fully customizable gauge system will allow exact alignment of your specific yarn beams. Available is 110 or 220 volt, the new design houses all electrical components at the base of the frame to prevent the machine from being top heavy. Safety lights help to indicate reverse polarity of plant receptacles and ground fault breakers are standard in each machine. The yarn gripping bar has been improved with the addition of a safety bar, which is easier to position and remove from the gauge bar. New Teflon coated swivel casters help in eliminating yarn from wrapping around the base of the machine. Heat cycles and heating element position are more easily determined to allow for even smaller thermal splices, yarn splices in less than 13 seconds for up to 400 consecutive ends. 


**If you would like to order a Beam Splicer please contact us via email or phone and we will compose an estimate for you!


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