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Pneumatic Single End Splicers


The new SP-017 Pneumatic Yarn Splicer is available in aluminum and plastic. The plastic yarn splicer is made out of nylon and weighs 5oz, compared to the aluminum splicer that weighs 7.5 oz. Brass inserts have been installed in the plastic splicer to insure durability. These splicers also incorporate a new plunger valve assembly to allow greater air flow. Both the aluminum and plastic splicers are designed to splice nylon and polypropylene, polyester, and some acrylic and wool yarns. Spun filament yarns that are air entangled, cabled and/or twisted from a variety of deniers can be spliced. 


Air lines of 1/4" or 3/8" are recommended. ID at 90-120 PSI should be used for adequate air delivery to the splicer. 


The splicers come standard with one yarn chamber in the size of your choosing, set up for right or left hand operation with 3 blades and a 1501 male plug for the air coupler. An air swivel fitting on a flexible coil hose with swivel ends is also available. 

The new plunger valve assembly allows for quicker splicing time. These splicers are equipped with a safety feature in the blade cover. The screw on the right hand side of the chamber has been removed and replaced with a flange made into the splicer body. The only replacement part is the blade. 



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