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Williams Specialty Company is proud to be the premier manufacturer of the multiple end thermal beam splicer, SP-07 single end pneumatic splicer, and thermal hand-held yarn splicers since 1956. Most of the yarn and fiber used in making carpet in The Carpet Capital of the World can be spliced with one of our units!


In addition to the splicers, we manufacture accessory equipment such as thread guides, header stands, header bars, sharpening scissors , and snips used in the tufting industry. 


We also welcome any opportunity to provide you with a quote for any custom built machinery needs that may arise in your production facility.  We let your company take care of the carpet manufacturing and tufting, we just make it easier with our splicers and accessory equipment! Additionally, we offer pivot arm and mending gun repairs. 


To see our product listings, please visit our shop page and please feel free to call us at

706-278-9530, email us at, drop by our location on N. Hamilton St., or Fill out the contact form on our Contact page. 


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